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WRC 561 C.C. Manu

Finite Element Analysis of Stress Rupture in Pressure Vessels Exposed to Accidental Fire Loading

Oct 2015 $75.00
WRC 548 Carl D. Lundin, Maneel Bharadwaj, Martin Prager, Greg Batten, William J. Barlow, Jr., Bryan R. Barnard and Stephen A. White

C-1/2 Mo Steel Toughness Properties for Hydrogen Service

July 2014 $295.00
WRC 547 Martin Prager

Fitness-For-Service Evaluation Procedures for Operating Pressure Vessels, Tanks, and Piping in Refinery and Chemical Service

November 2014 $395.00
WRC 545 C. H. Panzarella, Jeffrey Cochran, David Osage

Improvements in the Thinning Damage Factor Calculation Planned for the 3rd Edition of API RP 581

Oct 2014 $250.00
WRC 544 Matt Saxon Schaser, Stephen F. Duffy

Material Specific Load Combination Factors for Option 2 FAD Curves

Oct 2014 $225.00
WRC 543 Leijun Li, Andrew Deceuster and Chunbo Zhang

Final Report - Laser Repair of Directionally Solidified Superalloys

July 2014 $145.00
WRC 542 F. Kirkemo

Stud and Nut Structural Tension Capacity Matching

July 2014 $145.00
WRC 541 M. Prager, Ph.D, D.A. Osage, P.E., C.H. Panzarella, Ph.D

Evaluation of Material Strength Data for Use in API Std 530 - 2nd Edition

Oct 2015 $325.00
WRC 540 Douglas P. Fairchild

A Study Concerning the Heat Affected Zone Toughness of Microalloyed Steels

February 2014 $200.00
WRC 539 J.B. Conway R.H. Stentz J.T. Berling Mar-Test Inc.

Fatigue, Tensile, and Relaxation Behavior of Stainless Steels

Oct 2015 $250.00
WRC 538 W. Brown

Determination of Pressure Boundary Joint Assembly Bolt Loads

February 2014 $75.00
WRC 537 Errata K. R. Wichman, A. G. Hopper and J. L. Mershon

Precision Equations and Enhanced Diagrams for Local Stresses in Spherical and Cylindrical Shells Due to External Loadings for Implementation of WRC Bulletin 107

WRC 537 K. R. Wichman, A. G. Hopper and J. L. Mershon

Precision Equations and Enhanced Diagrams for Local Stresses in Spherical and Cylindrical Shells Due to External Loadings for Implementation of WRC Bulletin 107

WRC 536 F. Colombo

Service-Like Thermo-Mechanical Fatigue Characteristics of 1CrMoV Rotor Steel

March 2014 $150.00
WRC 535 M. Prager Editor

Toughness, Fracture and Fitness for Hydrogen Service

WRC 534 M. Prager Editor

Studies of Cladding and Overlay for Pressure Vessel Service

WRC 533 G. Canale, M. De Marco and S. Pinca

The Role of Welded Joint Vulnerability and Various Damage Mechanisms Active in  Process and Petrochemical Plants:  Reliability Analysis with Risk Based Inspection (RBI) Approach

WRC 532 M. Prager Editor

Metallurgical Studies of Steels for Sour Service Environments

WRC 531 J. C. Staats, G. M. Buchheim and D. A. Osage

Development of Fitness-For-Service Rules for the Assessment of Hydrogen Blisters, HIC and SOHIC

January 2007 $174.00
WRC 530 M. Prager Editor

Test Methods for Hydrogen Induced Cracking

WRC 529 Z. Cao, L. Bildy, D. A. Osage and J. C. Sowinski

Development of Design Rules for Nozzles in Pressure Vessels for the ASME B&PV Code, Section VIII, Division 2

WRC 528 M. Prager, D.A. Osage, J. Staats and B. Macejko

Development Of Material Fracture Toughness Rules For ASME B&PV Code Section VIII, Division 2

January 2010 $450.00
WRC 527 M. Prager, Editor

Practical Aspects Of Hydrogen Attack

WRC 526 M. Prager Editor

Performance of Steels in Hydrogen Charging Environments

WRC 525 M. Prager Editor

Fabrication and Repair of Low Alloy Steel Pressure Equipment

WRC 524 M. Prager Editor

Modern Vanadium Steels for High Temperature Petroleum Reactors

WRC 523 P. Dong, J. K. Hong, D.A. Osage, D. Dewees and M. Prager

The Master S-N Curve Method: An Implementation for Fatigue Evaluation of Welded Components in the ASME B&PV Code, Section VIII, Division 2 and API 579-1/ASME FFS-1

WRC 521 J.C. Sowinski, Z. Cao, D.A. Osage, N.A. Carr and J. E. Brubaker

Development of Design Rules for Conical Transitions in Pressure Vessels for the ASME B&PV Code, Section VIII, Division 2

WRC 520 A. Hobbacher

Recommendations for Fatigue Design of Welded Joints and Components

WRC 519 D. Kotecki

Stainless Steel Weld Metal – Prediction of Ferrite Content: An Update of WRC Bulletins 318 and 342

February 2007 $162.00
WRC 518 L. Li

Mechanical Properties of Cast ϒ’-Strengthened Nickel Base Superalloys

January 2007 $168.00
WRC 517 P. R. Boyles, T. Fukui, M. Igarashi, A. Iseda, N. Komai, R. Masuyama, O. Miyahara, Y. Minami, H. Mimura, H. Okada, M. Prager and S. Yamamoto

Examination of Mechanical Properties And Corrosion of High Temperature Alloys after Long Term Service under Advanced Power Plant Boiler Conditions - The Eddystone Studies

December 2006 $204.00
WRC 516 O. Sakr, H. A. Bouzid and M. Derenne

Part 1: 3D-Finite Modeling of Bolted Flanged Joints and Development of a Transducer for Measuring Gasket Contact Stress: 3D Finite Element Modeling of Bolted Flanged Joints Subjected to External Bending Loads

November 2006 $120.00
WRC 515 H. A. Bouzid, M. Diany and M. Derenne

Determination of the Gasket Effective Width for the ASME Proposed Flange Design Rules

September 2006 $84.00
WRC 514 I. W. Brown

Improved Flange Design Method for the ASME VIII, DIV. 2 Rewrite Project: Status of  Present Design Methods

August 2006 $114.00
WRC 513 Y. Birembaut

Effect of the Misalignment of Piping Systems and Non Parallel Flange Faces on the Tightness of DN200 PN40 Flanged Joints

July 2006 $60.00
WRC 512 K. M. Nikbin

Creep and Creep/Fatigue Crack Growth Modeling and Testing Methods Relevant to Life Assessment of Cracked Components

June 2006 $186.00
WRC 511 L. Li

High Performance Cast Υʹ - Strengthened Nickel Based Superalloys – An Interpretive Report

May 2006 $156.00
WRC 510 W. Brown

Analysis of the Effects of Temperature on Bolted Joints

April 2006 $114.00
WRC 509 C. D. Lundin, C. Y. P. Qiao, C. H. Lee and G. W Batten

Weldability and Hot Ductility Behavior of Nuclear Grade Austenitic Stainless Steels

February 2006 $330.00
WRC 508 W. Brown, M. Derenne and L. Marchand

Optimized/Harmonized Room Temperature Leakage Test Procedure for Generation of ASME & CEN Code Gasket Factors – Analytical Phase

January 2006 $150.00
WRC 507 L. Marchand, M. Derenne, O. Sakr and H. A. Bouzid

Part 1: Long Term Pressurized Graphite Gasketed Joint Tests: Long Term Pressurized Graphite Gasketed Joint Tests

December 2005 $96.00
WRC 506 Y. Wang, C. D. Lundin, C.Y.P. Qiao, K. K. Khan, K. Al-Ejel and G. W. Batten

Half-Bead Temper-Bead Controlled Deposition Techniques for Improvement of Fabrication and Service Performance of Cr-Mo Steels

November 2005 $258.00
WRC 505 J. Janelle, D. A. Osage and S. J. Burkhart

An Overview and Validation of the Fitness-For-Service Assessment Procedures for Local Thin Areas

September 2005 $258.00
WRC 504 H. S. Avery and P. A. Kamer

Interpretative Report Hardfacing and Wear

August 2005 $246.00
WRC 502 C. D. Lundin and Y. Cui

Effect of Microfissures on Corrosion Performance and Mechanical Properties of Austenitic Stainless Steel Weld Metals

June 2005 $126.00
WRC 501 K. Mokhtarian, D. A. Osage, J. Janelle and T. Juliano

Design of Torispherical and Ellipsoidal Heads Subjected to Internal Pressure

May 2005 $96.00
WRC 500 E. J. Hampton and J. L. Bitner

Stress or Strain Criteria for Combined Static and Dynamic Loading

April 2005 $252.00
WRC 499 C. D. Lundin, Y. Wang and G. Batten

Literature Survey of Half-Bead, Temper-Bead, Controlled Deposition Techniques for Improvement of Fabrication and Service Performance of Cr-Mo Steels

February 2005 $84.00
WRC 498 J. R. Sims and W. G. Yeich

Guidance on the Application of Code Case 2211—Overpressure Protection by Systems Design

January 2005 $120.00
WRC 497 W. J. Koves, K. Mokhtarian, G.E.O. Widera, E. C. Rodabaugh and E. C. Rodabaugh

Part 1: Large Diameter Ratio Shell Intersections: Design of Large Diameter Ratio Shell Intersections Subjected to Pressure & External Loadings

December 2004 $144.00
WRC 496 A. Bouzid, M. Derenne and M. El-Rich

Part 1: Effect of Flange Rotation and Gasket Width on Leakage Behavior of Bolted Flanged Joints: Effect of Flange Rotation on Leakage Behavior of Bolted Flanged Joints

November 2004 $84.00
WRC 495 J. Waterland

Test Protocol Guidelines for Gasket Materials

September 2004 $90.00
WRC 494 E. A. Rodriguez and T. A. Duffey

Fracture-Safe and Fatigue Design Criteria for Detonation-Induced Pressure Loading in Containment Vessels

August 2004 $126.00
WRC 493 G. E. O. Widera and L. Xue

Guidelines for Modeling Cylinder-To-Cylinder Intersections

July 2004 $72.00
WRC 492 R. J. Scavuzzo

Part 1: Piping System SIFs and Flexibility Analysis Criteria: Effect of Loading and Stress-Strain Curve on Stress Instensification Factors

June 2004 $60.00
WRC 491 G. Antaki, J. Bitner, K. Dwivedy, H. Hwang and R. Scavuzzo

Interpretive Report on Dynamic Analysis and Testing of Pressurized Components and Systems - Sixth Edition

May 2004 $90.00
WRC 490 J. D. Dobis and D. N. French

Damage Mechanisms Affecting Fixed Equipment in the Fossil Electric Power Industry

April 2004 $186.00
WRC 489 J. D. Dobis, J. E. Cantwell and M. Prager

Damage Mechanisms Affecting Fixed Equipment in the Refining Industry

February 2004 $186.00
WRC 488 J. D. Dobis and D. C. Bennett

Damage Mechanisms Affecting Fixed Equipment in the Pulp and Paper Industry

January 2004 $186.00
WRC 487 W. Alan Van Der Sluys

PVRC'S Position on Environmental Effects on Fatigue Life in LWR Applications

December 2003 $126.00
WRC 486 W. Alan Van Der Sluys, J. G. Merkle, B. Young and R. K. Nanstad

Part 1: Indexing Fracture Toughness Data: Results from the MPC Cooperative Test Program on the Use of Precracked Charpy Specimens for ---Determination

November 2003 $102.00
WRC 485 H. Murakawa, J. Wang, L. Hao and Y. Horii

Suitable Heating Conditions in Local Post Weld Heat Treatment

September 2003 $114.00
WRC 484 O. Sakar, A. Bouzid, M. Derenne and L. Marchand

Part 1: Gasketed Joint Emissions and Leakage: Correlation Between PPMV and Mass Leakage Rate of Gasketing Products

August 2003 $72.00
WRC 483 A. Saxena

Part 1: Creep Crack Growth: Assessment of Defects in High Temperature Components: Basic Concepts

July 2003 $204.00
WRC 482 T. L. Anderson and G. W. Brown

Special Finite Elements for Piping Elbows and Bends at High Temperatures with Creep

June 2003 $60.00
WRC 481 K. Orie and C. Roper

Part 1: The Effect of Post Weld Heat Treatment and Notch Toughness on Welded Joints and on Normalized Base-Metal Properties of A-516 Steel: The Effect of PWHT on Normalized Base-metal Properties of ASTM A516 Steel

May 2003 $126.00
WRC 480 L. Li and R.W. Messler

Effects of Phosphorous and Sulfur on Susceptibility to Weld Hot Cracking in Austenitic Stainless Steels

April 2003 $72.00
WRC 479 A. Gupta and R.K. Saigal

Simple Formulations to Evaluate Surface Impacts on Buried Steel Pipelines

February 2003 $90.00
WRC 478 T. L. Anderson

Stress Intensity And Crack Growth Opening Area Solutions For Through-Wall Cracks In Cylinders And Spheres

January 2003 $96.00
WRC 477 T. A. Duffey, E. A. Rodriguez and C. Romero

Part 1: Design Of Pressure Vessels For High Strain Rate Loading: Dynamic Pressure And Failure Criteria: Detonation-Induced Dynamic Pressure Loading in Containment Vessels

December 2002 $126.00
WRC 476 P. Dong and J.K. Hong

Recommendations for Determining Residual Stresses in Fitness-For-Service Assessment

November 2002 $138.00
WRC 475 C. D. Lundin, P. Liu, T. L. Anderson, G. V. Thorwald

Part 1: Studies Of Local Differences In Material Creep Properties On Weldments: Finite Element Case Study of Local Stress Effects in Long Seam Welded Piping

September 2002 $126.00
WRC 474 P. Dong, J. K. Hong, D. A. Osage and M. Prager

Master S-N Curve Method for Fatigue Evaluation of Welded Components

August 2002 $126.00
WRC 473 Y. Birembaut, T. Ledauphin, V. Masi, H. Bouzid, M. Derenne and P. Martelli-Garon

Part 1: External Bending Moments on Bolted Gasketed Joints: The Effects Of Bending Moments On Bolted Gasketed Joints

July 2002 $78.00
WRC 472 V. C. Matzen and Y. Tan

Using Finite Element Analysis To Determine Piping Elbow Bending Moment (B2) Stress Indices

June 2002 $108.00
WRC 471 T. L. Anderson, G. Thorwald, D. J. Revelle, D. A. Osage, J. L. Janelle and M. E. Fuhry

Development of Stress Intensity Factor Solutions For Surface and Embedded Cracks in API 579

May 2002 $168.00
WRC 470 V. A. Carucci, R. C. Chao and D. J. Stelling

Recommendations for Design of Vessels for Elevated Temperature Service

April 2002 $90.00
WRC 469 C. D. Lundin, P. Liu, S. Wen, R. Edwards and R. Bellamy

Part 1: Crack-Starter Weld Bead Deposition for ASTM E-208 Drop-Weight Testing: Qualification of Electrodes for the Crack-Starter Bead on P-2 Type Drop-Weight Specimens-ASTM E-208-95a

February 2002 $84.00
WRC 468 G. Bibel, D. Weinberger, C. Syverson and S. Dockter

Leak Testing Of A Raised Face Weld Neck Flange

January 2002 $54.00
WRC 467 S. Y. Zamrik, L. C. Firth and D. Davis

Part 1: Biaxial Thermo-Mechanical Fatigue Response of SS-316 Structures: Isothermal & Thermo-Mechanical Fatigue Life Assessment for Type SS 316

December 2001 $54.00
WRC 466 C. Becht, IV

Behavior Of Bellows

November 2001 $162.00
WRC 465 D. A. Osage, P. Krishnaswamy, D. R. Stephens, P. Scott, J. Janelle, R. Mohan and G. M. Wilkowski

Technologies For The Evaluation Of Non-Crack-Like Flaws In Pressurized Components -- Erosion/Corrosion, Pitting, Blisters, Shell Out-Of-Roundness, Weld Misalignment, Bulges And Dents

September 2001 $246.00
WRC 464 A. Kalnins

Guidelines For Sizing Of Vessels By Limit Analysis

August 2001 $72.00
WRC 463 E.C. Rodabaugh and E.A. Wais

Part 1: Standardized Flexibility Factor Method And Piping Burst And Cyclic Moment Tests For Induction Bends And 6061-T6 And SS 304 Transition Joints: Standardized Method for Developing Flexibility Factors for Piping Components

July 2001 $102.00
WRC 462 C. D. Miller

Commentary On The Alternative Rules For Determining Allowable Compressive Stresses For Cylinders, Cones, Spheres And Formed Heads For Section VIII, Divisions 1 And 2

June 2001 $90.00
WRC 461 G. Bibel, T. Fath, W. Palmer, R. Riedesel and T. Westlind

Experimental Leak Testing Of 16-Inch Class 300 RFWN Flange With And Without External Bending Moment

May 2001 $90.00
WRC 460 Japan Welding Engineering Society; Y. Hara, J.C. M. Farrar, A.W. Marshall, Z. Zhang

High Temperature Cracking And Properties Of Stainless Steel Flux-Cored Welds And Effects Of Bismuth: Investigation on High Temperature Properties of Weld Metals of Stainless Steel Flux-Cored Wires and Guidelines by The Japan Welding Engineering Society

April 2001 $90.00
WRC 459 W.A. VanDerSluys, C.L. Hoffman, W.L. Server, R.G. Lott, M.T. Kirk and C.C. Kim

Fracture Toughness Master Curve Development: Strategies For RPV Assessment

February 2001 $102.00
WRC 458 W.A. VanDerSluys, C.L. Hoffmann, K.K. Yoon, W.L. Server, R.G. Loft, S. Rosinski, M.T. Kirk, S. Byrne and C.C. Kim

Fracture Toughness Master Curve Development: Application Of Master Curve Fracture Toughness Methodology For Ferritic Steels

January 2001 $84.00
WRC 457 W. A. VanDerSluys, C. L. Hoffmann, K. K. Yoon, D. E. Killian and J. B. Hall

Fracture Toughness Master Curve Development: Fracture Toughness Of Ferritic Steels And ASTM Reference Temperature (To)

December 2000 $102.00
WRC 456 D.M. Mitra-Majumdar, K. K. Niyogi, and V. Ratehalli

Heat Exchanger Flow Characterization - HXFLOW Software: Theory Manual And Users Manual

November 2000 $84.00
WRC 455 P. Dong

Part 1: Recent Progress In Analysis Of Residual Welding Stresses: Modeling of Weld Residual Stresses and Distortions: Computational Procedures and Applications

September 2000 $90.00
WRC 454 C.D. Lundin, P. Liu and Y. Cui

A Literature Review on Characteristics of High Temperature Ferritic Cr-Mo Steels and Weldments

August 2000 $90.00
WRC 453 J. M. Lieb, K. Mokhtarian, L. R. Shockley and E. Upitis

Minimum Weld Spacing Requirements For API Above Ground Storage Tanks

July 2000 $90.00
WRC 452 J. W. McEnerney and P. Dong

Recommended Practices For Local Heating Of Welds In Pressure Vessels

June 2000 $114.00
WRC 451 E. C. Rodabaugh

Part 1: Internal Pressure Design Of Isolated Nozzles In Cylindrical Vessels With d/D Up To And Including 1.00: Report No. 1: Code Rules For Internal Pressure Design Of Isolated Nozzles In Cylindrical Vessels

May 2000 $102.00
WRC 450 L. Marchand, D. Laviolette and M. Derenne

NPS 4 Class 150 Bolted Flanged Joints Subjected To Pressure And External Bending Loads

April 2000 $76.80
WRC 449 V. A. Carucci and J. R. Payne

Guidelines For The Design And Installation Of Pump Piping Systems

February 2000 $114.00
WRC 448 E. C. Rodabaugh and E. A. Wais

Part 1: Evaluation of Welded Attachments on Pipe and Elbows: Background & Suggested Revisions ASME Code Cases N-122-2 and N-318-5 Lugs on Straight Pipe

January 2000 $127.20


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